Are You Settling for Boring, “Old-Fashioned” Paleo
the Way It Used to be Taught? Or…
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Feel Amazing, and Look 5…10…
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Take your Paleo experience and results to the next level with unlimited & immediate access to ALL of the 20+ hours of PaleoCon Sessions…

Whether you’re new to Paleo or you’ve been doing it for decades—and whether your goal is to lose weight, correct a health challenge or simply look your best--make sure to read this page below.

Dear Paleo Enthusiast,

You already know that the Paleolithic lifestyle is amazing—otherwise you wouldn’t be here!

It’s been shown to help you:

Yet if the Paleo Diet is so incredible—what’s the problem?

The single biggest challenge we’ve seen in our community of thousands of users on is PRACTICALLY and QUICKLY applying this lifestyle & diet.

You see, most people hear things about “eating like a caveman” or maybe read a book—but only get a limited picture of what’s possible with Paleo, and the simplest ways to implement these changes into his or her lifestyle.

Which is why we put this amazing event together with authors, doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, and more, to show you:

The NEXT LEVEL of Paleo—What Really Works for People Eating and Living This Way Every Day—Along With the Simplest, Easiest Ways to IMPLEMENT These Powerful Principles to Fully Transform The Way You Look and Feel!

Over the course of a few days, these world renowned experts—including best-selling authors, researchers, coaches, nutritionists, famous bloggers and more--shared their best, most cutting edge information on:


What Makes PaleoCon Different from the Gazillion Other Books, Articles and Programs Out There?

Let me break it down for you:

1) This Is TRULY Next Level of Paleo.

Don’t settle for simplistic (not to mention, boring!) advice about just eating like a caveman… avoiding grains… and so on. Anyone can tell you that.

Modern Paleo is about the intersection between ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science—it’s about getting the best results, without compromise. Paleo has come a LONG way since it was first popularized, and you’ll be getting all the latest wisdom and insights from the worldwide leaders in this movement.

2) Curated by the World’s Biggest, Most Dynamic Community.

Knowledge can be theoretical—and then it becomes useless. This is different, because as the world’s largest community of real people living and thriving on Paleo, we’re every to put every single piece of information to the test.

We see what works, and what’s useless. We only allow the very best stuff to pass through our filters… meaning whatever makes its way to you is what actually delivers results.

3) All Delivered in a Way That’s Easy and Actionable.

Because we’re a massive community of real people, we’ve collectively learned how to take action and break down information in a way that’s usable for ALL people, at all levels. There’s no confusion about what to do next or how to apply what you learn…

And that means you’ll not only have all the most powerful, cutting-edge Paleo guidance at your fingertips—you’ll have the perfect blueprint for applying what you learn into your lifestyle, immediately, for incredible results.

They covered over 20 hours of high quality information, but that’s only just the beginning!


Introducing The PaleoCon
All Access Package & Exclusive Bonuses…

Access To All 24+
Video Slideshow Presentations
With The PaleoCon Experts
($97 Value)

We took all of the audios from the sessions, and turned them into easy to follow along powerpoint presentation videos – for those of you who prefer visual presentations instead of just audio!

Access To All 24+
Recorded Audio Sessions With The
PaleoCon Experts
($97 Value)

Each of these audios is in MP3 format, so you can download them to your phone, ipod, ipad, or computer and listen to them whenever you want – in the car, at the gym, on the go -- anytime, anywhere!

All 24+ Transcripts
Of The PaleoCon Sessions
($97 Value)

We had each audio transcribed and formatted into PDF files – just in case you’d rather read and take notes on the information than listen to it!


Access To All Of Our Demo Videos With Our Guest Experts

We went out and filmed – in person – some amazing demo presentations – from behind the scenes recipes from gourmet restaurant chefs, to fitness demos, and more…here’s a sample of what you’ll get in these demo presentations:

Demo Video #1:

Behind The Scenes At New Yorks Hottest Health Restaurant, Hu Kitchen

($197 Value)

Demo Video #2:

Paleo Chicken Parm Recipe

($197 Value)

Demo Video #3:

Paleo Walnut Crepe w/Chocolate Ganache Recipe

($197 Value)

Bonus Video #4:

Interview w/ Executive Chef Christian Page

($197 Value)

Demo Video #5:

Behind The Scenes At Crossfit NYC

($197 Value)

Demo Video #6:

Lamb Roasting 101 With Executive Chef Christian Page

($197 Value)

Demo Video #7:

Kettlebells 101 With Neghar Fonooni

($197 Value)

Demo Video #8:

Winning Olympic Gold on Paleo w/ Erin Cafaro

($197 Value)

Demo Video #9:

Running Form 101 w/ Brian MacKenzie

($197 Value)

Bonus Video #10:

Coq Au Vin Cooking Demonstration W/ Pete Servold

($197 Value)

Bonus Video #11:

Footwear & Self Experimentation w/ Barefoot Ted

($197 Value)

Bonus Video #12:

Guy’s Cookware Demonstration w/ Guy Herald

($197 Value)

Bonus Video #13:

Should Women Lift Weights? w/ Neghar Fonooni

($197 Value)

Your Order Also Includes These Limited Time, Exclusive PaleoCon Bonuses…

PaleoCon Discount Coupons:

When you order the PaleoCon All Access Package, you’ll get 10-30% off coupons for all of the following:

You’ll also receive these program bonuses as well…

PaleoCon Bonus Gift #1:

Ben Greenfields Ultimate Human Performance Package

($47 Value)

Ben Greenfield of was generous enough to contribute THREE amazing bonuses for PaleoCon. You’ll get:

The Home & Body Detox Guide – This will show you exactly what toxic products are in your home – and give you nontoxic, healthier alternatives – from shampoo to cleaning solution.

The 7 Day Ultimate Human Performance Workout – This 7 day workout will dramatically help you get in better shape, lose fat, increase mobility, and improve your health.

The Ultimate Human Performance Smoothie – This is Ben’s ‘secret recipe’ for his amazing smoothie that not only tastes good, but has amazing health benefits as well.

PaleoCon Bonus Gift #2:

Yoga For Athletes

($29.95 Value)

Contributed by Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN, and former strength coach of the University of Toronto, Yoga For Athletes is a complete program for anyone looking to get into Yoga for better athletic performance, health, flexibility, and mobility.

Whether you’re at a beginner or advanced fitness level, new to yoga or a veteran, this program can help you. This package comes in 3 parts – a 25 minute follow along video, a 25 minute follow along audio, and the Yoga For Athletes Movements Manual. This product is currently being sold for $29.95 – but it’s yours FREE when you invest in PaleoCon.

PaleoCon Bonus Gift #3:

Cultured: Learn How To Make Fermented Foods At Home

($33 Value)

By Kevin Gianni

Fermented foods are all the rage these days – and for good reason. They can help boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, give you better digestion, better skin, improve your mood, improve allergies, and more. These are truly a superfood – and in this program generously contributed by Kevin Gianni of RenegadeHealth, he shows you EXACTLY how to create these foods quickly and easily.

Just minutes after investing in the PaleoCon all access package, you can be eating some delicious and massively healthy fermented foods – and experience the health benefits immediately.

This includes 70+ recipes for cultured/fermented foods – it sells all day for $33, but it’s yours FREE when you invest in the PaleoCon all access package.

PaleoCon Bonus #4:

Tune Up Your Brain

By Dr. Terry Wahls

If you don’t know who Dr. Terry Wahls is – you absolutely should. She went from suffering from progressive multiple sclerosis – being confined in a wheelchair – to transforming her entire life and health, and being able to walk, bike, and more.

In this lecture, Dr. Wahls shows you how you can tune up your brain – how to address problems in behavior, mood, and memory. She shares stories of those who had Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and depression – and were able to minimize their symptoms through her protocols. This lecture is a CAN’T MISS, and it’s free when you invest in PaleoCon.

PaleoCon Bonus Gift #5:

The Whole Journey Cookbook

($19 Value)

By Christa Orecchio

I was completely blown away when Christa offered to contribute her entire 244 page full colored cookbook – for FREE for those who invest in PaleoCon. This cookbook includes over 180 recipes and delicious ways to use food as medicine.

This book will give you recipes that will show you how to detoxify from sugar, while still eating amazingly tasty desserts, recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and more. This is normally sold for $19 all day long, but again, it’s yours FREE when you invest in the PaleoCon All Access Package.



PaleoCon Bonus Gift #6:

Building Incredible Willpower

($29 Value)

By Dean Dwyer

Dean Dwyer is known for his amazing tactics for improving your mindset around weight loss. Willpower is one of those things that holds people up in their journey to transform their health – and Dean is an absolute expert in helping people create INCREDIBLE willpower – so that they do not give up when they face challenges in their diet and health.

This program is truly a missing piece – without willpower, all of your health knowledge doesn’t do much for you! This program normally sells for $29, but is yours today FREE when you invest in the PaleoCon All Access Package.


PaleoCon Bonus Gift #7:

6 Gluten Summit Sessions

($37 Value)

By Dr. Thomas O’Bryan

es, you read that right – when you order PaleoCon, you’ll also get access to SIX of the now-infamous Gluten Summit presentations. You’ll learn from some of the top experts on the topic of non-celiac gluten sensitivity and celiac disease.

You’ll learn from:

You can’t find this information anywhere unless you invest in the Gluten Summit for $97 – this is yours free when you invest in PaleoCon.

PaleoCon Bonus Gift #9:

The ENTIRE Paleo Summit

($99 Value)

By Sean Croxton

The unofficial inspiration for PaleoCon, the Paleo Summit is the original online Paleo Event, hosted by Sean Croxton in 2012. In this summit, you’ll get access to interviews with 23 top Paleo experts, some that were not a part of PaleoCon, and learn things like:

And much, much more. This sells all day long for $99, but it’s yours free when you invest in PaleoCon.

PaleoCon Bonus Gift #10:

How to Stay Paleo on the Road

($47 Value)

In this video contributed by Abel James and Jonathan Bailor, you’ll learn how to optimize your eating, sleeping, and exercising habits on the road.

In this video, Abel & Jonathan cover:


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Our Ironclad 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

You must be THRILLED by your PaleoCon All-Access Package… we fully expect that. Yet, in the highly event that you’re not blown away or feel dissatisfied for ANY REASON with the content of the Paleocon All Access Package within the first 60 days of purchase, we will give you a refund IN FULL, with no questions asked.

We’ve spent a lot of time putting this program together to make sure that it was worth at least 10x your investment – but if you do not think so (for ANY reason!) we will happily refund you, no hoops or hassles to jump through.

All we ask is that you give it a try – no risk – and find out yourself!

The Experts You’ll Soon Be Learning From In The PaleoCon All Access Package…

The State of Paleo: What You Need To Know In 2014

Loren Cordain

The New Low Carb Paradigm: The Future of Endurance Training

Mark Sisson

How to Customize Paleo for Different People, Circumstances, and Goals

Robb Wolf

Paleo Problems For High Performers

Dave Asprey

The Top 3 Mainstream and Paleo Nutrition Myths Debunked

Chris Kresser


Curing The Uncurable: Case Studies From Perfect Health Retreats

Paul Jaminet

All About Gluten: Key Insights From The Gluten Summit

Thomas O'Bryan

6 Weird “Hacks” For Better Diet, Sleep, & Brain Function

Seth Roberts


Intermittent Fasting and Feasting for Fat Loss

Abel James

What Does The Bible Say About Health and Disease?

John Durant

The Truth About The China Study

Denise Minger

The Doctor of Silicon Valley: How To Improve Health & Workplace Productivity

Dr. Ronesh Sinha

How to Break Bad Habits and Create Good Ones

Maneesh Sethi

How To Raise Primal Kids

Ben Greenfield

Insects: The Future of Protein?

Gabi Lewis & Greg Sewitz

Grain-free Cooking For The Whole Family

Elana Amsterdam

The Truth about Eating Animals

Chris Masterjohn

Nom Nom Paleo’s Essential Kitchen Tools, Cooking Tips, And Ingredients

Michelle Tam

What’s Eating You? Dealing With Parasites & Healing Your Gut

Dan Kalish


Paleo For Women: Infertility, Birth Control, PMS, and Menopause

Stefani Ruper

Feeding The Female Athlete

Stephanie Greunke

Real Life Tips For Helping Your Family Go Paleo

Katie The Wellness Mama

Overcoming Adversity, Physical Disabilities, and Eating Disorders

George Bryant

Foucher on Crossfit, Paleo, Med School, and Women In Sports

Julie Foucher

Ketogenic Diets: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Ameer Rosic

A Workaholic's Cure for Anxiety

Charlie Hoehn

The Pursuit of Happiness

Michelle Norris

The Fatigue Factor: What Your Adrenals Are Really Telling You

Nora Gedgaudas

  • How to deal with excess cortisol levels
  • Modern Wheat: It's More Than Wheat

    Dr. William Davis, MD

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    STOP Getting "Okay" Results With Boring, Outdated Paleo Practices... And Experience an Ingredible, Amazing Leap Forward Using Everything We Covered at PaleoCon!

    As we wrap this up, consider all that you get (and stand to gain) when you test-drive the entire event package, risk-free.

    You get:

    1. In-depth, practical, USABLE information: The focus of these talks was not to impress you with big words and academia, but to make it as easy as possible for you to implement the Paleo diet and lifestyle quickly. And for those of you who are advanced users, enough information to take you to the next level of health.

    2. No fluff, no pitch during the talks: Just our host, John Durant, the expert, and you, going through the most important information you need to get the results you want.

    3. No Risk – This Program is FULLY GUARANTEED. We stand by what we’ve created for you, and we want you to be absolutely thrilled with the program. With that in mind, if you are unsatisfied for ANY REASON, you get your money back.

    NOTE: This is a limited one-time offer that will NOT be made again.
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    To your Paleo Success,

    P.S. Remember, this is all the newest, most powerful Paleo information and secrets from the modern leaders of this movement… curated by the largest, smartest, most dynamic Paleo community on earth!

    And with our iron-clad, 60 day money back guarantee, you have 60 days to use the program, absorb the information, implement it in your life, and achieve your healthiest self. So what are you waiting for? Get it risk free today.


    Got a question? It’s probably answered below!

    Q: What is the PaleoCon All Access Package?
    The PaleoCon All Access package gets you all of the components of the PaleoCon event. This includes the audio sessions, the transcripts of the sessions, all of our bonus demo videos, access to the LIVE Q&A sessions, and all of our other bonuses.

    Q: Do I have to pay shipping for the PaleoCon All Access Package?
    If you order the digital copy, you do not have to pay for shipping.

    Q: What format are the electronic files in?
    The audios will be in MP3 format, and playable on your computer/mobile device. The transcriptions and written bonuses will be in PDF format. Any videos will be in .mov format.

    Q: Can I access this material on my ipad, iphone, or mobile device?
    Yes! With the all access package, you can take any of the audio sessions or written transcripts and put them on your mobile device for easy access, anytime, anywhere.

    Q: What if I am unsatisfied with my purchase?
    Then it’s ALL FREE. Simply put, if you’re unhappy with your investment in the PaleoCon All Access Package, you can contact our support team at anytime within the first 60 days for a complete, no questions asked refund.

    Q: Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, on the page above, if you click the links for the payment plans, you can use those instead of paying in full.

    Q: I’m over 50, will this information apply to me?
    ABSOLUTELY. The information in the PaleoCon All Access package applies to people of ANY AGE. If you are a human, than this information will be of value to you and your health.

    Q: Do these sessions apply to women as well?
    YES, YES, YES! We even have exclusive sessions just for women as well – so make sure to check those out.