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We’ve gathered over 25 renowned experts—including best-selling authors, nutritionists, doctors, sought-after chefs, olympic athletes, and more to guide you through the most effective and practical implementation of the Paleo diet & Paleo lifestyle… so that THIS is the year you are finally able to use the Paleo Diet to change your life, forever.

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Each session, hosted by John Durant (author of The Paleo Manifesto), is jam packed with PRACTICAL, step-by-step, “do this, do that” information guaranteed to help you take action and get the results you want from the lifestyle as quickly and easily as possible.

No overly complicated academia, no boring lectures – this is all hard hitting "next level" Paleo information that ANYONE can use and implement, from beginner to advanced users.

Inside of PaleoCon, we cover:

Your Host...

John Durant

Author of the Paleo Manifesto

Your host for this event is John Durant, Author of The Paleo Manifesto: Ancient Wisdom for Lifelong Health, health entrepreneur, Harvard grad and professional caveman.

John has appeared in the New York Times, The Colbert Report, NPR morning edition, and more.

Aside from eating organ meats, and running barefoot in central park, John blogs on

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Meet The Doctors, Authors, Personal Trainers, And Nutritionists Who Will Show You How To Implement The Paleolithic Lifestyle Over The Next Few Days…

The State of Paleo: What You Need To Know In 2014

Dr. Loren Cordain

Author of The Paleo Diet
Professor, Colorado State University

Foucher on CrossFit, Paleo, Med School, and Women In Sports

Julie Foucher

2nd place, 2012 CrossFit Games
Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

Winning Olympic Gold on Paleo

Erin Cafaro

Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist
Rowing (Women's eight)

The New Low Carb Paradigm: The Future of Endurance Training

Mark Sisson

Author of The Primal Blueprint

How to Customize Paleo for Different People, Circumstances, and Goals

Robb Wolf

Author of The Paleo Solution

Behind The Scenes At Hu Kitchen

Jordan Brown

Founder of Hu Kitchen
New York City

Intermittent Fasting and Feasting for Fat Loss

Abel James

Host of #1 rated podcast, The Fat-Burning Man Show

The Top 3 Mainstream and Paleo Nutrition Myths Debunked

Chris Kresser

Author of Your Personal Paleo Code

Nom Nom Paleo's Essential Kitchen Tools, Cooking Tips, And Ingredients

Michelle Tam

Author of Nom Nom Paleo

Feeding The Female Athlete

Stephanie Greunke

Registered dietitian and women's health coach

Paleo Problems for High Performers

Dave Asprey

Biohacker and tech entrepreneur

A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety

Charlie Hoehn

Tim Ferriss' Director of Special Projects
Author of Play It Away

Grain-free Cooking For The Whole Family

Elana Amsterdam

Author of Paleo Cooking from Elanas Pantry

Real Life Tips For Helping Your Family Go Paleo

Katie The Wellness Mama

Mother Of 5 (under 7)

Brian MacKenzie

Founder of Crossfit Endurance
Author of Power, Speed, ENDURANCE

The Sitting Solution

Joshua Newman

Co-Founder of CrossFit NYC
Managing Partner of Outlier Capital

The Kettlebell Swing

Neghar Fonooni

Founder of Eat, Lift, and Be Happy

Whole Lamb Roast

Christian Page

Executive Chef Of Short Order
Los Angeles

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All About Gluten: Key Insights From The Gluten Summit

Thomas O'Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN

Host of The Gluten Summit &

Curing The Incurable: Case Studies From Perfect Health Retreats

Paul Jaminet PhD

Author of Perfect Health Diet

The Doctor of Silicon Valley: How To Improve Health & Workplace Productivity

Dr. Ronesh Sinha

Author Of The South Asian Health Solution

How to Break Bad Habits and Create Good Ones

Maneesh Sethi

CEO of Pavlok
Editor-In-Chief of Hack The System

Overcoming Adversity, Physical Disabilities, and Eating Disorders

George Bryant

Co-Author of The Paleo Kitchen

How To Raise Primal Kids

Ben Greenfield

Ironman triathlete and coach
Author of Beyond Training

Paleo For Women: Infertility, Birth Control, PMS, and Menopause

Stefani Ruper

Author of Sexy by Nature

The Truth About The China Study

Denise Minger

Author of Death By Food Pyramid

The Truth about Eating Animals

Chris Masterjohn PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

What Does The Bible Say About Health And Disease?

John Durant

Author of The Paleo Manifesto

What's Eating You? Dealing With Parasites & Healing Your Gut

Daniel Kalish, D.C.

Founder of The Kalish Method
Author of Your Guide To Healthy Hormones

Insects: The Future of Protein?

Gabi Lewis & Greg Sewitz

Founders of Exo

Ketogenic Diets: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Ameer Rosic, RHN, FDN

Author of Diagnostic Testing and Functional Medicine

6 Weird "Hacks" For Better Diet, Sleep, & Brain Function

Seth Roberts, PhD

Author of The Shangri-La Diet
Professor, Tsinghua University

The Pursuit of Happiness

Michelle Norris

Executive Chef at Instinct Catering
Founder of Paleo f(x)

Coq Au Vin Recipe Demonstration

Pete Servold

Founder of Pete's Paleo

The Fatigue Factor - What Your Adrenals Are Really Telling You

Nora Gedgaudas

Author of Primal Body, Primal Mind

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  • Get 15 delicious Paleo recipes, including Desserts (candied bacon, anyone?)

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